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Eat the Forbidden Fruit… How to rip a Blu-ray on a Mac

As most of you know, Apple and Blu-ray aren’t good friends. Mac’s don’t come with Blu-ray players and don’t offer any playback and support what so ever for Blu-ray discs. Nevertheless you can rip Blu-rays on your Mac, and to be honest, it’s not that hard to do. — If you want to rip the […]

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Lion’s local backup devours disk space

If you’re running Lion on a portable Mac, you might notice that your hard disk space declines with every passing day, not because you have so many things on your Mac but because Lion is continuously taking local backups. According to Apple: “Time Machine keeps local snapshots as space permits.” That’s all great no? Well […]

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OS X Lion Survival Guide

OS X Lion is the seventh version of Mac OS X. It packs a bunch of new features that might be confusing to upgrading users. Some are as small as changing preferences while other feature’s are a bit harder to access. We want your transition to run as smooth as possible. By giving you 5 […]

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iOS 5 Survival Guide

Apple has just released a major update to it’s iOS software. We’ve been using iOS5 since June, let’s talk iOS! At first, you wouldn’t think much has changed in iOS5. But there are a lot of under the hood goodies that make it worthwhile. Let’s get to some of the more important changes.   iOS […]

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Mac 101 – Older iMac having display issues

My intel iMac started having display problems and It shows random horizontal lines across the display that would disappear when you resize or move a window. I thought about sending it in for repair, but then I realized that the graphic’s hardware may just be overheating. The solution could be as easy as cleaning the […]

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Create HD-SD Dual Versions of a movie for iTunes

Have you ever noticed that movies you purchase in HD from the iTunes Store show up in your iTunes Library with a little tag that says “HD-SD”? That’s because most movies in the iTunes Store come to you with both an HD version and a second version that’s smaller in file size and better suited […]

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Switch between iTunes accounts the fast way

If you’re like me, you probably have more than one iTunes account. I, for example have a Belgian, a British and an American iTunes account, with those three, I have access to virtually everything Apple provides us with. Switching between multiple accounts can be rather annoying, I spend countless minutes (maybe even hours) logging out […]

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Learn developing the good, but not so easy way!

Learning to program is a long, hard road, you need to spend a lot of time doing so, but when you get there, you’ll know 4 different programming languages that contain 3 of the 5 important paradigms of programming. A paradigm is a hard word to describe a programming style. Every programming style is good […]

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Review: ‘World of Goo’

There may be a debate at some point in the future of iPad game development as to whether ports — App Store-ready copies of games that were originally developed for other devices — do more harm than good for the “revolutionary” tablet computer. After all, Apple has emphasized the iPad’s unique interface and challenged developers […]

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How much did you spend on apps so far?

With apps being sold at an average price of less than €2.50, you would think that the amount of money you spend on apps wouldn’t be that bad, right? Think again! App sales are a €35 billion industry by 2014. With over 120 million iOS devices sold as of September, and 6.5 billion combined app […]

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